Google Plus business tricks of social media magic

Google plus is one of the fastest growing social networking site ever launched.Recent survey says that Google plus has carried their business by forcefully which has become successful in social media.

Google plus internal facts :-

Will Google Plus be around one or two years down the road ? Is it here to stay, or another failed attempt by Google to get in on social in a meaningful way? These are important questions.

Google Plus business tricks of social media magic
Personally, I’m doing some research for an upcoming book and I’ve been very curious lately as to whether or not Google Plus will still be around when the book gets published. For you, this is a good chance to examine whether or not Google Plus is something you should get involved with. Granted this post does not qualify as scientific research, but since 7 out of 8 random social media experts responded that they felt Google Plus was going to live on when asked whether the service would ultimately survive or die, so you may want to pay some serious attention to what the service has to offer or means to your business/life. Of course, having a working knowledge of the various social media platforms is an important part of the 6 Essential Building Blocks of an effective social media effort.

Why we are in Google Plus :-

Are you on Google Plus? Leave us a comment and let us know whether or not you think Google Plus will ultimately survive or die (hey, you might get quoted in my book) or whether or not you agree or disagree with what these 8 experts had to say on the subject.

Final thoughts :-

Here are the 8 statement we received from a random sampling of social media experts on Google Plus’ chances of survival. All but 1 were optimistic.

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