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Evangelist and Motivational Speaker Nick Vujicic Tells Life Without Limits
I think, only a few of marketers and entrepreneurs don’t know about Nick Vujicic. However, I a few words about him those don’t know! Nicholas James who is  popularly known as Nick Vujicic was born on 4 December 1982 in Australian but originated from Serbian. He carries tetra-amelia syndrome which is a rare disorder characterized by the […]
I think, only a few of marketers and entrepreneurs don’t know about Nick Vujicic. However, I a few words about him those don’t know! Nicholas James who is  popularly known as Nick Vujicic was born on 4 December 1982 in Australian but originated from Serbian. He carries tetra-amelia syndrome which is a rare disorder characterized by the absence of all four limbs. But his self confidence and mental power inspired thousands and become him an evangelist and motivational speaker of life and marketing world. Today’s blog post is about his book “ Life Without Limits“.

Evangelist and Motivational Speaker Nick Vujicic

Speaker Nick Vujicic Tells Life Without LimitsSpeaker Nick Vujicic Tells Life Without Limits
A midwife, who had been helping women in delivering their babies, observing their joy and celebrating their most precious event with them, was blessed with a baby one day. She was very excited to experience the feeling which she had been only observing so far. While her pregnancy, she always recalled many old and sweet memories of women asking her to show their babies, give babies in their arms, watching smiles on the lips of moms, their excitement to touch and kiss tiny fingers, nose, cheeks and Barb at the Life without Limits event: This is a photograph by ‘Barb Higgins’, as posted on Flickr. To view this photographer’s photo stream and more, click on Image.
Speaker Nick Vujicic Tells Life Without LimitsSpeaker Nick Vujicic Tells Life Without Limits
With the feeling of lively & cheerful joy and twinkle in her eyes she asked the doctor to give her new born baby in her arms; doctor hesitatingly informed that she is blessed with a son suffering from phocomelia syndrome. She felt her dreams shattering and tears rolled down her eyes, she even refused to look at her baby without limbs. The baby without limbs was unaware of any incompetency he is born with till he grew up to see other kids around him. When he saw kids who looked physically more capable and moreover complete, he realized that he was different and there was nobody like him. He was discouraged to know that his daunting tasks like eating, standing, and walking are the easiest things to do for other kids of his age. His parents did their best to make him feel good, fit and complete but the fellow kids always reminded him that he is like an alien for them. He started feeling lost and found himself a castaway. He cried alone everynight and before sleeping prayed God to bless him with limbs and wished to get up every morning with a hope to run towards his parents, jump on them and hug them tightly with his arms. But every morning kept disappointing him.

He would think:

“I’ll never get a girl to love me. I don’t even have arms to hold a girlfriend. If I have children, I will never be able to hold them either. What sort of Job could I ever have! Who would hire me! For most jobs, they’d have to hire a second person just to help me do what I was supposed to do. Who would ever hire one for the price of two!”
He fell into severe depression and felt himself a burden on his parents and probably a Martian for society. So he decided to free everybody and tried drowning himself in the bath tub; after staying calm and breathless for a few minutes, a thought dragged him back to life. He could not hurt his parents and few other people who loved him so dearly and did everything to please him, and he believed that God had plans for his life also.
After passing through severe stages of hopelessness and depression, he got up and instead of running away from the truth; he embraced the truth and started looking beyond this. He first began to speak to other kids, who welcomed him after some time and then there was no looking back. He started figuring out how to live a complete life and later on the same boy was able to swim, get up on his own and even surf!

He writes:

“At fifteen years old, I made my life right with God, asking him for Forgiveness and for Direction. I asked him to light my path of purpose.”
Speaker Nick Vujicic Tells Life Without LimitsSpeaker Nick Vujicic Tells Life Without Limits
Looking at him, you may wonder and feel pity – what an unfortunate guy! But that’s not what he thinks about himself, he believes in miracles and he knows that he is blessed. His journey from a discard to a blessed man with purposeful life has been full of troubles and surprises. His will power helped him break all the barriers and made possible, to not only live a normal life but also touch other lives.
Nicholas Vujicic, a miracle in his own self, shares his experiences and learning in his book “Life without Limits”. Nick today is an evangelist, preacher and motivational speaker who inspires and motivates people across the globe and resolves their problems with his voice.

Full Assurance In The Heart

Usually faith is defined as a strong belief in supernatural and divine powers but there are some other aspects also such as we have faith in existence of oxygen that is needed for survival as per science but, we can’t see oxygen.
Many times we face challenges in life and feel like asking surprisingly – Why Me? We just can’t know the answer as we are unaware of God’s plan for us which would be revealed later on. We just need to have faith in HIS plan.
FAITH, as Nick says, is an acronym for “Full Assurance In The Heart”. HE gives us difficulties only to strengthen us.
Believe in possibilities of life and make them your motivation to keep moving forward, even in hard times.
“Be guided by not what you see but what you can imagine”

This is real Faith.

Faith is with us even when we are flying at thousand miles above the ground, when we are sailing in the middle of a huge sea which can engulf us anytime, when we are in a close lift going down with speed; we just need to extend this faith to our dreams.
A girl named Bethany, in her teen ages, was once, one of the best surfers at Waikiki beach till one day she got a big blow in life. An attack from a shark, most ferocious predator of the sea, left her with single arm and less than half the blood in her body, yet she survived and came back even more determined. She surfed again, just after few weeks in a competition with best surfers of the world. Her performance now not only makes her happy, but also motivates all the people watching her, every time she surfs.
When she saw Nick, who always wished to do something incredible, she joined hands with him and taught him to surf. The two people, one with one arm gone and other with no limbs, surfed together on the waves and thousands of people watched them going high on waves. Nick became the first surfer on Waikiki beach who had no limbs.
Bethany and Nick are the examples of faith in God as well as self. Nick says that if the same faith can be acquired, it can motivate all of us and make us do things which otherwise can’t be believed to be done by us.
Love the Perfectly Imperfect you
Once, Nick was speaking before a group of teens on how people tend to avoid less attractive people in an attempt to become popular themselves. He asked a straightforward question to the teens “How many of you would like to be my friend?” Most of the hands went up and then he asked one more question “So it doesn’t matter how I look, right?” The thought sunk in for a long time and teens were forced to think beyond external and physical appearances.
Typically, people are so impressed by outer beauty that they always tend to imitate popular personalities and fail to realize the charisma of inner beauty. They don’t observe that there are positive vibes, a soulful heart and a strong character that makes their personality glow; but the question is – where does this come from? These are those people who love themselves, believe in themselves, comfortable with themselves and love themselves. They are vibrant magnets, attract others, connect other souls through their eyes, inspire, motivate and enable others also to be lovable.
These people are not worried by what others think about them unlike most other people do because
“When you get caught up in material goods and surface beauty and when you let other people determine your value, you give up too much of yourself and risk letting your blessings go waste”
When you dress up and go to office, someone suddenly points out a flaw in your dress; you are immediately disheartened and start feeling bad about yourself. A self belief gives you the confidence to not get deterred by such things.
What others think about you doesn’t really matter till you love yourself. So, love yourself but not in a selfish and self-centred way, but the way God loves you.
“You should love yourself as the reflection of God’s love and as someone put on this earth to make a unique contribution”
When you feel down, go to your mirror, look at yourself and find one thing that you love most about yourself. It doesn’t have to be a physical feature but a talent or a trait. It may be your beautiful voice, or a good speaker within you, or you – a perfect organizer, or just innocent you liked by everyone, or anything that enhances your trust in yourself.
When God made you, he created you with love, and hence you should love yourself the way HE loves you; you should appreciate yourself for what you are. It is heard several times “One who is not happy, can’t make others happy”, in the same way if you don’t love yourself, you can’t love others.
We human beings are very silly at times; we spend half of our time trying to fit in the crowd and remaining half in standing amongst them. Why do we need to look like others when beauty lies in difference and that is what makes you stand out in the crowd? If someone doesn’t like something about you – they may think, the dress makes you look funny – instead of feeling down, learn to laugh at yourself. Have fun for looking Funny!
Drugs, alcohol, promiscuity, what we call evils of society are actually your ways of escape from yourself, your lives and your problems. If you believe in your value and purpose, you would never need to take help of such external agents.
Your challenge is not to change yourself into somebody else, who is well accepted in society, but to find out yourself, explore your beauty and discover the purpose of your life and stick to it. Finding your purpose is the first important step to living a life without limits.
So have faith that you are worthy of success, love and happiness, cherish your uniqueness and find your own purpose.

Attitude is Altitude

“By changing our attitudes, we can change our lives” – William James.
You view this world through your
own attitude and from your perspective only that benefits you. With a power to align your attitude, you can live in a world that favours you and can transform your life. Think of it as a remote control of your life. Just as you change channel of TV when you don’t like scene, change your attitude when it doesn’t give you results.
To alter your attitude, you don’t need to take a pill or consult a guru; you just need to find out your own purpose, have hope for future and faith in possibilities that stand before you. This attitude will give you a strong foundation and optimistic view that will act as your powerhouse, which will push you forward to your goal.
When you face a challenge in life, if you watch out your thoughts carefully, you will find that more than anyone else your own inner voice pulls you down and pushes you to say:
“I will never get over this”
“I can’t take this anymore “
“This is worst I have ever had”
“I’ll never find another job”
Have a healing attitude and replace these negatives with positives:
“This too will pass”
“I got this far, better days are ahead”
“Some days are harder than others”
“One door is closed, but another will open”

Reviewers a few words:-

Nick, in his book reveals many such insights, that he has learnt from his and other’s lives and as you keep turning the pages, every word engages you, takes you to a different world of self belief.

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