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Upcoming Hot SEO Factors For Marketers and Entrepreneurs-2014
SEO is quite easy in order to drive targeted audience from the search engines and in order to drive traffic you need better listing. It’s quite interesting to know when a person get hangs into the SEO world and get complex results. The actual meaning of SEO is relevance, discovered, and well setup to crawl.Hot […]
SEO is quite easy in order to drive targeted audience from the search engines and in order to drive traffic you need better listing. It’s quite interesting to know when a person get hangs into the SEO world and get complex results. The actual meaning of SEO is relevance, discovered, and well setup to crawl.

Hot SEO Factors For Marketers and Entrepreneurs

A. Improve Your SEO Score

Search Engine like Google uses hundreds of frequency in order to give a specific position for a blog in the SERP. The principle of SEO is On-Page and Off-Page SEO unlike off page strategy on page is used to improve the discover-ability, and crawl-ability of you site. In the internet you might find millions of article to learn SEO but among those massive amount you should read this article as we have given the most of the techniques which can really improve your seo score.

B. Improve Your SEO Score

Search Engine Algorithms are getting changed effectively and Search Engine Optimization is changing too. It is now the time to learn that how you can improve your SEO score.
This article may not directly boost your ranking but can move you little up than before. Getting success takes time. So if you follow this strategies then you would get success. Search engines in order to give the maximum user experience are rolling out many algorithms and it’s believed that Google probably uses more than 500 formulas to scale a blog’s ranking.
A little knowledge of SEO can make a huge difference and to make it happen you need some knowledge about it. Why to hire any expert in order to make your website algorithm friendly when you only could do it. Possibly it might not give instant results but will be slowly be seeing those results.
Below are some quick tips to improve your SEO Score:
1.Add A Blog:
Adding a blog to your site gives your client the opportunity to get engaged with the new and fresh contents in the site. It also increases your page size which is absolutely required in order to improve your seo score.
2.Conduct A SEO Audit:
Conducting a SEO Audit not only improves your SEO Score but also helps you to know what are the issues which makes your site’s core better. It also helps you to make much improvement of your site.
3.Improve Your On-Page Optimization:
On Page Optimization helps you to improve your website to get crawled by the search engine. It comprised of Sitemap, Anchor Text, Internal Links, Meta Tags, etc.
4.Avoid Bad Links:
Purchasing Links from other sites is prohibited by Google and is illegal in the eyes of Google and all other search engine. It not only makes your blog worst by having those massive stuffs of paid links. It’s makes changes of getting penalized by Google Algorithms.
5.Add Google Analytics:
Google Analytics is a free analysis tool by Google which enables you to track your site performance like Goal, Bounce Rate, Visitors, Real Time Analysis and more. In order to improve your seo score it’s really good.
6.Social Shares:
Social Shares not only improve your seo score but also helps you to get high targeted audience from far away countries. You should always promote your published contents in the social networking sites like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, etc.
7.Keyword Researching:
Keyword Researching is a process of analyzing your most used and low competitive words which are used to rank higher in search engine. Do proper research in order to rank higher and improve your seo score.
8.Internal Links:
Internal links is one of the most important part of SEO which is used to make your site search engine friendly. It helps the bots to crawl your site more easily.
9.Add Targeted Keywords In Your URL:
Adding targeted keywords in your post URL is really necessary in order to rank higher in search engine
10.Optimize Your Images:
Optimizing images is a part of SEO and is really necessary to instruct the search engine bot about what the image is all about. Properly Add Alt Tag such as: Title, Description, Caption.
11.Use Hyphens To Separate Keywords In URL:
Never use underscore or anything else to separate the tags/keywords. Make sure to use (-) hyphens.
12.Make Your Website Codes SEO Friendly:
Peoples use tons of codes and scripts to design a theme for their site. But it’s really necessary to optimize the codes too.
13.Compress Your Scripts:
When ever you are using any J-query or any kinds of java-scripts then make sure to compress it before applying it to your blog.
14.Optimize Your Loading Speed:
Site loading speed is the most important thing which matters a lot for a site to rank higher. If your site is not fast enough then your site may not be crawled by search engine bots.
15.Create a Sitemap:
Sitemaps are used by search engines to discover the pages of your blog and it’s really important to improve your seo score.
16.Bookmark Your Blog in Social Bookmarking Sites:
Social Bookmarking sites such as StumbleUpon, Digg is really important in order to rank higher. So make sure to use it.
17.Remove Duplicate Contents:
Duplicate contents in your blog is really bad which leads to get penalized by Google. So make sure to remove it or redirect it using 301 redirect/canonical redirection to the main post.
18.Make Your Site Mobile Friendly:
Currently over 70% of users uses mobiles to access various sites. And if your site is not properly optimized for mobiles then you are making a big seo mistake.
19.Moderate Keyword Density:
Keywords as we already said is a vital element of your blog. It’s necessary to improve your seo score. Make sure that your keyword density should not be more than 3% of your total length of the article.
20.Content is the King:
The last but not the least. Among all the strategies above this is the most important above all. Content is the only thing which can boost your site ranking and can improve your seo score.

Author’s Conclusion

As I Said, SEO is something which we should keep doing for the betterment of our blog. These are the strategies which I use to improve my seo score and I am sure you can too improve your seo score with the strategies I provided above. Make sure to test it and also try to comment the result you get through these strategies.

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