SocialHawkers user has no rip issue with Paypal or Payoneer

I am using SocialHawkers service since long ago.  SocialHawkers is the intermediary for selling and buying services for common freelancers and small business owners.  I made a good decision in using SocialHawkers in their starting days. Oh, my goodness for using SocialHawkers for my works.  There are several ways to contact SocialHawkers through their interface, Facebook page, Google+ page, Linkedin company page, Twitter handle even their employees’ personal profiles too as I have contacted several times with them in various platforms.  The only un professional thing as the site has no phone number listed in any platform along with no fax number listed.  SocialHawkers has physical address listed in Google local listing only.
SocialHawkers user has no rip issue with Paypal or Payoneer SocialHawkers user has no rip issue with Paypal or Payoneer

After searching, it appears SocialHawkers may be located in Turkey or USA.  The phone number attached to SocialHawkers when any one has disputed the transaction in PayPal has USA country code – 001.  Other websites say SocialHawkers is located in Turkey.  When you make a purchase from SocialHawkers, you can use either PayPal or Payoneer.  Most of buyers and sellers chose PayPal for any transaction in the site. We come to realize that PayPal’s purchase protection does NOT apply to purchases sent electronically, e.g., a logo, software etc. In either case, any one user can contact SocialHawkers and try to handle the situation amicably. I am sure it will be solved with in 24 hours. Once we had faced a problem as we had ordered custom programming from a vendor through SocialHawkers.  And, the code that was sent to us through Socialhawkers’ service did not work.  We contacted SocialHawkers through their support form and got reply with in hour, as there appears to be another other ways to contact SocialHawkers are support ticket systm, support forum system, employee profiles and many more. First think have to remember, SocialHawkers asks users to complain with in 24 to 72 hours after any disputed delivery! Socialhawkers is right in their side.  We responded in less than 48 hours.  So, we get satisfactory response from their side. Why are we contacting SocialHawkers if we received what we actually paid for? But unluckily, we left positive feedback with out checking the delivery. We never received the goods as promised, SocialHawkers vendor. Finally, they gave back our money to our account with out we disputed the transaction with PayPal. If we would go with Paypal then Socialhawkers might be asked us to withdraw the dispute.

Final words from author:

Finally, my view in freelancing micro job sites, SocialHakers, fiverr, Seoclerks and many more must be beware in choosing vendor to avoid fraud. None of these intermediary service sites seem to have any phone number or method of contact other than email or support forum. Most interestingly, they look very much like one another. So, it is better to pay sites through a third party service using your own credit card so that you have an avenue for dispute in case you get ripped off. Thanks to all for reading my brainless article.