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Necessity of steps for Social Media Marketing -2014
Social Media Marketing by your own in simple steps:It not seems believable, and you think this is one of those complicated jobs that could not be done without manpower. No, it’s wrong now you can do it by your own. Only a bit of concentration and understanding of the process are needed.Use of the Platforms […]
Social Media Marketing by your own in simple steps:
It not seems believable, and you think this is one of those complicated jobs that could not be done without manpower. No, it’s wrong now you can do it by your own. Only a bit of concentration and understanding of the process are needed.
Use of the Platforms according to the need:
If you want to promote your business than it could be done by Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. According to your business you can show your presence on Pinterest and Tumblr, Instagram, also, if social media presence is good and profitable for your business than you may use Reddit and other social forums for it. Your business is international then; Bebo (Europe), Facebook (Brazil), QZone (China) or Yandex (Russia) can be used.
How to use these platforms:
1. Select a unique URL or account name that is suitable for your business.
2. Fill your details in the profile so that interested one could know about your business.
3. All your social profile should have link of each other profile, for example Twitter should have link of your and the Facebook should have link of Twitter. It means your social account or URL are interconnected.
Before lunching yourself if you want to test it than make your test post invisible. You know that second day your profile going to be invisible so it does not make sense.
Take Advantage of Your Email Lists:
When you are ready to launch your profile, then send out a newsletter to your email subscribers, and there should be all links of your social media account in the footer. Announce your social profile opening to the public by making a good featured story and let them to take time in signing up and following you. Assure that initial content for them to see when they are good.

Manage your post time and Activity:

First thing if you have a cross-country user base or a global audience, you may consider automated posts for different time zones. You have to follow a posting schedule to maximize your activity with each and every site. Without scheduled activities promotion can’t be done. Twitter can handle large number of posts per day, due to their short length, they should be different as well interesting. For facebook Google+ Facebook, and LinkedIn one, sometimes two posts are enough. 
Share the User of the profiles:
Your each social media profile is a part of a network and the host is your website. They all are interconnected. You can intercommunicate through these profiles and don’t be afraid to direct your user from one marketing channel to another. You can tweet about a Google+ post on LinkedIn or you can direct your interested page using Facebook.
Engage user by Questioning:
Engaging users and socialize are your main mottos here. It could be done by any social network. Get your brand humanize. To do this, you should establish yourself as an interesting entity to talk. By asking questions and, responding your users you can do that. Use their responses to inspire a discussion. Other interesting ways are Running polls and using the feedback for Connecting with your users. Asking questions does a few things to benefit you. First, it gets users comments with their answers. It shows their engagement, and it grows your brand reputation. Second, by the comments you can get insight into your audience, which allows you to set better targets about the things they’re interested in learning or hearing. Third, it provides you topic to blog about and post about in the future.
Numbers are not that important:
In a deepen sense, social numbers are important. If you’re Twitter followers, Facebook fans and more than your competition, likely you are doing better in the social surrounding. But, that’s only true with some limitation. Because those numbers can be increased by spending some money easily, here the numbers are not important.  People behind the numbers are important. You need to remember; everything you do on social media is about the users. Higher social media numbers just shows a larger interested people. To maintain and gain this interest, you have to make your page worthy to follow and, mainly, worthy to communicate with on a regular basis. That means, put the user first when you post something. Please understand it that the social media is not an advertising platform, you’re using it as a means to build trust and gain the faith of the user. Once you get the trust of the user, they will want to click through to your site and, once there, click through to your products or service. If you have become enabled to build up sufficient trust, users will have their faith in your products and services and would like to try them.
Organize your Social Media time table:
At one side, social media marketing is all about the principal interactions between your brand and your customers or prospective customer. Here you can’t plan everything you don’t know when an irate customer will leave a negative review and when a user will ask a valuable question. It’s true you need to answer them instantly, at the other side, that doesn’t mean that you have to manage social media profiles as a full time job. It’s not easy; to solve this problem, you can set a fix time to answer the question as suits on your everyday life.
1. Follow anyone who follows you on Twitter
2. Schedule Tweets and posts on Tweets and other networks to delivers at decided times.
3. Filter your notifications so that you’re only notified of the important interactions in real time; comments you can respond to should take priority over a notification of a simple retweet, for example.
4. You should organize a calendar for posts. Sunday, Wednesday and  Friday, at 5 P.M., you can share posts blog on. You can tweet about your business, ever day or twice in a day. You will need to spend some time responding to others’ tweets and sharing posts you didn’t make. A schedule rigid is not required, but there has to be a framework you can do managed activity with a minimal amount of effort. With the good management and right uses of automation and pre-planning, social media Marketing is easy and a one-person job. By establishing a good system you can market your product or service by yourself.

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