Wp Engine Affiliate Program to Earn legit Huge Income as $150 Per Sale

Wp Engine is a famous hosting program where you can host your WordPress blog with high features and comfort. As a blogger and marketing professional, I’ve tried many affiliate programs like hosting programs and other online tools and yes, I’ve made some good income from them too. After getting satisfied with many affiliate programs, still I’m searching for some kinda great affiliate programs which pays high as well as with some other great affiliate bonuses. It is mentioned that I am a successful freelancing author cum advertising consultant too. I have 100s of freelancing profiles and my services are listed where and there. Simply search my default user name “Purbitaditecha” any freelancing website, easily get my profile and services there.
Here I am  introducing you the crazy affiliate program by Wp Engine which pays a minimum of $150 per sale you make.Its not over they give a lot of perks to their active affiliates, so let’s discuss on that matter.

Wp Engine Affiliate Program

As I said before they pay a minimum of $150 per sale you make and that’s just a minimum, because the Wp Engine is having a premium plan where you can add up your needs and finally they’ll say an amount to be paid.For example, If one of your affiliate needs a premium plan which sum up to $1000/Month according to his needs then you get 100% of his first month income i.e, $1000 affiliate commission  that’s too great.
Commission Per Sale : $150 or 100% of the First Month Sale (which ever is higher)

Cookie Lasts For : 180 Days 

Sub Affiliate : Earn $50 Per Sale
Pay Per Lead Commission : $0.01 / Signup
Bonuses : 
No: Sales                    /Month Bonus
5                                  $100
10                                $250
25                                $625
40                                 $1000
60                                 $1500
So let’s calculate 
Suppose if you can generate 10 sales a month, to generate sales you may try using the resources you have or you may also try Search Engine traffic which really have a great conversion rate.So you’re generating 10 sales a month,hence
10 Sales a Month x $150 = $1500 /Month + $250 Bonus = $1750 (Approx : 1 Lakh INR )
The more the sales you generate , the more the money you make .Currently the Wp Engine Affiliate program is managed by ShareASale Affiliate network and you can login without any approval  Don’t wait just start .