Common Mistakes of SEO Website Redesign

Search Engine Optimization which is shortly says SEO, Usually we do some mistake during our website redesign which can effect our website health and Seo also. We should focused on this mistake during the website design. Here we are discussing some website redesign mistakes of Seo websites.
  1. Not thinking about SEO from the start
  2. Not doing an audit of your existing site
  3. Failing to identify (and include) commonly searched keywords
  4. Not setting up 301 redirects
  5. Failing to consider your URL structure
  6. Leaving shady backlinks in place
  7. Not using responsive design
  8. Forgetting to unblock search engines from crawling your site
  9. Forgetting to add analytics tracking to your site
  10. Failing to think like a human!
Mistake of SEO Website Redesign

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If you’re already involved in your website redesign project, spend a few minutes checking that you have these covered. For any upcoming redesigns, whether you’re based in Wanaka, in New Zealand or India or in another country entirely, we’d love to get on board and answer any questions you may have. We want to ensure that you have the best information at hand, to allow you to make the best decisions moving forward.