11 mind blowing hidden factors of website to Show audience Love

Whilst every one’s visual tastes are different, there are several universal principles that successful websites embody. We’ve distilled these down for you into a simple list of critical success factors. As the web matures, visitors come to your site with higher expectations. Failing to satisfy those expectations can dramatically reduce the effectiveness of your website.

11 mind blowing  hidden factors of website to Show audience Love

With this famous saying, Bill Gates recently emphasized the importance of web for the entrepreneurs in the first decade of the 21st century. Today, anyone searching the Internet thinks about a trade. The development of mobile web devices also contributed the large segment of population to easily search information anywhere. Taking this as its starting point we are expecting a boom in web design. How complex is to design a website? Should I mention all possible subtopics related to the main niche of the website? How much content to include in a webpage design? This all depends on several factors associated with the features of the site. But in reality demand is rising and we need people to design websites. Here, I have listed 11 Ways to Show Your Website Some Love. 
1. Update Your Theme – Changing your theme is an easy way to give your site a fresh new look. Try out the dozens of new theme options to see how they’ll look on your site!
2. Experiment with Fonts – Fonts are a great way to personalize your site. And, with 20+ new options to choose from, you’re sure to find something that suits your design style.
3. Refresh Your Content – You know all those things that you’ve been wanting to add to your site? Make them happen and bring your site up to date!
4. Showcase Your Photos – Learn how to use Photo Galleries & Slideshows to make your site more eye catching.
5. Tap into Facebook or Twitter – If you’re active on Facebook or Twitter, be sure to connect them to your site for maximum impact.
6. Make it Easy for Visitors to Contact You – Add a contact form so people can easily get in touch with you.
7. Check Your Site Stats – Get to know your site stats and understand how much traffic is coming to your site
8. Optimize for Search Engines – Need more traffic? Make sure your site is search engine friendly and optimized for your current content.
9. Download the iPhone App – Make blog posts and check your site stats and form entries on the go!
10. Make it Easy for People to Find You – if your business or organization has a physical location, add a map so people can easily find you.
11. Density of interaction on web- Websites grow over the time. While we carefully plan the web content, there is always a room to add more content. The site gets updated frequently as we change the products, services, or marketing strategies. We increase the density of the website by adding multimedia content or text. This is very important to increase the density, which adds to the overall attractions of the site and therefore increases the probability of getting more visitors. For example, consider a website which provides Antique Car Models data. After two months of publication of the website, there is a steady increase of visitors. Then as a person in charge of that website you decide to offer more information and adds three points of interest: (i) Owners Associations of Antique Cars (ii) Antique Cars National Events, and (iii) Local Antique Car Clubs. By adding these three points of interest, you try to increase the density of the website which helps to get more traffic.
It is a fact that businesses with web presence have an advantage over those who still do not have any web presence. Access to information is becoming easier (e.g. portable multimedia devices) and nowadays it is more common to see people accessing the internet at any place to search their favorite topic. So having a good website can really help to get more exposure to your business. A webpage can be simple in design and still meet the visitors in terms of quality content.
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