Best 10 Search Engines except Google

Most of us use Google for search primarily because its everywhere, oh sure they deliver meaningful search results. But do we ever think about taking a moment to check out what alternatives are available? Alternative Search Engines often look at information is a different way from the dominant player, and you just might find that different approach fits your needs.

One aspect of using an alternative search engine is that we are supporting a deeper well of information and applauding the competition that grows as more players achieve success.
If you know of any top notch Google Search Alternatives add them to this list and help expand the search universe for the better.
Search Engine Alternatives find things online just like Google, but they may use different methods to obtain their search results. Hundreds of of Google alternative search engines are available, still most people will use Google. There are other options to meet your business search needs helping you find what you want.
The first time I created this list of alternative engines it has 38 listings on it. Now in 2011 barely two years have passed and 20 of the original have gone out of business or been sold. The list now has 30 engines on it but Ihave also made a couple of other pages that broadens your choices.
Will the engines I’m presenting give you a better experience? To be honest I can’t answer that question, search results are in the eye of the searcher. Try a few and find out.
Indexing the whole web can cost hundreds of millions of dollars every year and few search companies other then Google or Bing have that kind of capital. It is for this reason that most alternative search engines rely on aggregation of results from other sources not there own. If you can’t beat Google then your success as an alternative engines may lie in creating a niche to focus on.
Alternatives to Google include the search engines like Yahoo, Ask, Bing, DogPile, Alta Vista and Web Crawler. All presenting the some form of the indexes of billions of websites available. Even though most alternative engines use the data from sources other then their own, many present it in unique ways.
Cluster One – Alternative Engines 1-10
Duck Duck Go is a new search engine with less garbage and better results
Ask still trying to find its place and make a real run at the big three
Quintura a visual search engine. extracts keywords building a word cloud.
Twitter Search works in real time – showing you what the world is tweeting.
Silobreaker aggregates news, blogs, research, user generated social media search.
Goshme An engine to help you find the best Search Engine for your needs
Zuula provides the results from your favorite search engine unaltered
Liveplasma Music & Movies focused
ZapMeta An Aggregator of Search Engines
Icerocket Blog Search Real-time blog search engine. Trends tracking.
A search engine works a lot more behind the scenes than on your screen. In the few seconds it takes your engine to find and present sites for your perusal it actually only goes as far as its index. Search engines actually are constantly updating their indexes, at all times they are sending out small programs that update their resources. These small programs, called bots or spiders, look for key words, concentration of information and also for how many sites connect to the site they are currently checking. They also assess the validity of the connections and their reliability. For example, if a site is referenced by a University, it will rank higher than one referred to by a personal website.
One of the ways that people try and defeat search engine’s reliability is by keyword saturation. Designers of websites will repeat the keyword so often that it will cause a search engine to pull up their site more frequently. The result is that you can end up with poor web sites that are repetitive, dull and uninformative, but ready to sell you all sorts of things you never needed. While search engines are being designed more cleverly in response, there is always a learning curve while the engines catch up. For this reason alone it makes sense to check out Alternative Search Engines to Google. New and updated search engines may have at least a temporary advantage in the area of your search.
Search engine alternatives can also provide you with different sites to view. For example, when searching for a list of presidents, Google pulls up a private page while Alta Vista goes to first. The order of sites is determined by slightly different factors, but each search engine pulls up sites using their own internally generated criteria. That is what makes it worth while to search with more than one engine if you aren’t finding what you desire. Since software is proprietary, there will always be some small differences, and those differences can be critical to your search.