Best Ways for marketers to Market own self in Competitive World

The corporate world has become more competitive than any other sectors of human lives. As a professional freelancer on advertising and web designing sectors for last 8 years, my practical experience says more reality and hardship of competition. One of the biggest challenges for freelancers and contractors is to establish themselves as a brand. As a freelancer it’s about defining yourself and turning your skills into a ‘product’ as such. Once that is done – people need to hear about your product – and that’s where marketing comes in.

Best Ways for marketers to Market own self in Competitive World

So how can you stand out from the crowd and make sure that your voice is heard? Never mind your profession and skills, we all have our little quirks and things that make use different. Instead of becoming a part of the masses, embrace what makes you unique.
When trying to market yourself in this crowded world you could make use of the same platforms that others are using, but implement it in your own way.

A. Open a YouTube Channel

Some people have a knack for vlogging and this is what sets them apart from their competition. If you are able to share your expertise in a ‘fun’ and relatable way, people would want to hear more.

The content that you are sharing could even just be a hobby, but because of your perceived influence, your audience might do some extra research to find out who you are what you are doing. Think of this as a subtle marketing strategy.

B. Choose the Right Marketplace

Thinking that you will find your big break buy advertising your services on Craiglists is a bit optimistic. Marketing your product it’s about using the right platforms in order to reach the right audience.
Specialized marketplaces are the way to go in standing out from the crowd. If you are a graphic designer and make use of a platform such as Fiverr® allow you to filter through the ‘noise’ and connect with the client that is looking especially for you and your work.
Marketplaces are there for you to showcase your portfolio. Make sure that you are featured on as many as possible since that will increase your chances. Don’t take these platforms for granted.

C. Start a Trend

We all have bucket loads of ideas floating around in our heads, but sometimes we are too afraid to use them. If you are cynical, witty, humorous or shy – use these attributes to your advantage. For instance – if you are a shy writer you could start a hashtag trend especially aimed at giving a glimpse into the world of ‘you’. Tweet something like:

Not writing a novel because the idea of fame and television interviews is bigger than not becoming a creative genius. #shywriterproblems, #PurbitaDitecha #Indilens, #India etc.
There are numerous ways in which you can add some personality to your online profile. By being transparent you are already standing out. Let it come naturally and don’t force it on your audience.

D. Share Your Knowledge

We are not saying you should share your skills at no cost. But it’s about showing that you aren’t selfish with your knowledge. It is better have a personal blog or website for expressing own minds towards the world.

Get active on social media platforms and forum and just share what you know. People really appreciate those that help others without expecting something in return.

Final Thoughts: 

It’s as basic as helping someone find the link, article, or contact they were looking for. On forums you could help them solve problems specific to your field etc. It might not be approached instantly, but soon your goodness will spread and recommendation will be pouring it. Sharing your knowledge will add to your credibility and help boost your brand identity.