Ecommerce market: 3D smartphone by Amazon

Fire Phone has received 3D-interface and tight integration with Amazon services. Amazon has officially presented its first smartphone, called the Fire Phone, with the 3D-interface and object recognition function. 

Fire Phone Amazon’s main feature is its 3D-interface, which is implemented with the help of four additional front-end cameras that track the position of the head of the owner, even in complete darkness. This allows you to change the angle of the picture image on the screen, creating the effect of “dynamic perspective” that simulates a full 3D image. The achieved results can be compared with the situation when the user is holding a box with a window and looks through it on the object in the box.
Another innovation was the introduction of objects recognition that fall into the “field of view” of the main camera. This technology is called Firefly, with its help, the user can scan the product information. Firefly filters image and isolates bar-and QR-codes located there, as well as numbers and text, allowing you to identify the product. Using this feature, the user can save information about the product in the Fire Phone, and then go to their purchases or order services on Amazon service or even order college essay help online.
Firefly feature was created as a primary means of Fire Phone integration with other Amazon services, providing user-friendly interface for the purchase. It’s quite a clever move on the part of marketers that allows the user to go to a regular store, choose items there, and then, pointing at his Fire Phone, order it on Amazon. Furthermore, smartphone allows you to identify music tracks and videos that a user listens to or watches. 
Fire Phone got a 4.7-inch screen, protected by Gorilla glass, 4-core processor with a frequency of 2,2 GHz, RAM 2 Gb and 32 Gb or 64 Gb of internal memory. The main photomodule got 13 megapixels and optical image stabilization system. In addition, users will have access to an unlimited cloud photo storage. 
Powered has got OS 3.5 operating system, created by Amazon itself based on the Android code to preserve the possibility of application compatibility. Fire OS is different with its orientation to work with content from Amazon, as well as the redesigned interface. One of the features of the Fire OS is the ability to transmit gadget to a minimum power mode, which turns off the entire operating system segments, and the necessary information is stored in memory, which requires low power consumption. This system can significantly extend the gadget to work in the “sleeping mode”. 
In addition, users will receive a free Fire OS support, in which Amazon ensures professional response in 15 seconds, which can have full remote control over the gadget to diagnose and resolve the problem. For Amazon features such requests 649 and 729 dollars for models with 32 Gb and 64 Gb of internal memory, respectively. But in the case of a contract with AT & T, the costs will be $ 199 and $ 299. 
Taking into account the focus of the smartphone on Amazon service, Fire Phone is focused on the US market, providing a tool for shopping rather than a full-fledged flagship that attracts users with the best characteristics of the market. 
At the same time, the introduction of new and innovative features, such as 3D-interface and the Firefly, may play into the hands of winning the competition, who took over the tight fitness trend that firmly entered into almost every new product. How this decision will justify itself only time will tell, but given the fact that Amazon’s main income is received from its main business of online sales, even Fire Phone failure will not affect the financial success of the company. The launch of the gadget in the new ampoule may be a test of whether the consumer society is ready to receive such a tool for shopping. Let’s recall that analysts predict incredible growth in sales of smartphones, which will become even more popular and overtake computers in sales all over the world.