Interview of a CEO influences to become non conventional businessman

You may be have met a lot of CEO’s in your daily life but I am sure you have met very few non conventional CEO’s those become successful on their non conventional business method. Today, we are going to talk with such a non convention Conventional ceo who is an educator, author, stock evangelist, businessman and organiser Anirudh Sethi. He Analysis on Global Indices, Metals, Energy & Indian Indices with trading psychology as written two books on them.Yes he writes everything in relate to TRADING PSYCHOLOGY on this Blog.Writes for Global Commodity ,Forex Market.Organize Seminars on Technical Analysis and Trading Psychology. He is the founder CEO of the Rudraksh Cap-Tech Limited which deals Philately and Numismatics (collecting stamps and coins). He has busy schedule , so there is no time to reply us , just 13 questions were asked to him in a chatting season which is reproduced here for our readers. 

1. Please express yourself such I don’t know who are ?
Myself Anirudh Sethi ,Forecasting about Global Financial Market
-Writing Articles on Trading Psychology and Organizing Seminars
-Involved in Stock market +Commodity +Forex Market sinc last 25 years
Yes ,Apart from Above activity deal in STAMPS ,COINS !
2. How do you see the company changing in short spoon of time, and how do you see yourself creating that change?
Rudraksh Captech first philately and numismatic company and will start selling online stamps and coins and getting soon Auction licence too.

-Innovative Idea and Alternative source for Investment
3. Pitch our service as you would in a sales meeting.
People should invest in stamps ,Risk free Investment 
4. What are your goals?
Goal :Sky is limit once people understand the module
5. What Are Your 3 Biggest Accomplishments?
First listed company deals in Stamps ,Coins and soon will start Auction house too.Tons of opportunity.

6. What other common CEOs do you look up to?
They see only profit but I see the maximum loss would be if the project fails. 
7. Tell us 3 things you like and 3 things you dislike about your current position.
No Official Twitter Account owned by ANIRUDH SETHI
No Analysis Done by ANIRUDH SETHI
Indian Stock Market/Stocks/Commodities tough market
8. Explain the rationale behind each of your career moves.
Stock Market is passion since college days and still work 20 hrs daily.
Now from last 20 years or more collecting stamps ,coins and Historical Newspapers.It’s an unorganized sector in India and having huge scope.Millions of People Don’t know value of stamps and Investment can be done in Philately and Numismatic
9. What has been the biggest let down in your career so far?
Till today everything is fine with life.Aim is high in life but not to do anything wrong is life’s motto.
10. In your own words, can you tell me what a company do?
A company sees the profit only.
11. How communication skills help ceo?
Tough and rigid with flexible mind
12. How would someone write about your life for a magazine or newspaper?
No worry in life at all.Everything achieved with hard work and by god grace.Still learning many things and still many opportunities exist.
Yes ,Passion from STOCK Market to Stamps ,Coins ,Collection of Historical Newspapers ,Autographs and many more things.
Reading Books ,Having big library and One of biggest collection of LP Records in India and of Historical Newspapers in ASIA

13. Teach something which I don’t already know.
Still student in every subject.Still learning everyday new.Working hard and working for 20 hrs daily.Never slept on same date ,Taurus really work hard.
Money is not Priority in life ,But passion to learn and work hard.