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7 Online Business Models or Make Money Online
The increasing number of internet users around the world over the past few years (estimated at 4593 million users by the end of 2016) has made online business growing in Indonesia and India.7 Online Business Models or Make Money OnlineE-Commerce, Marketplace, Online Travel and much more keep popping up. Names such as Lazada, Bhinneka, Tokopedia, […]
The increasing number of internet users around the world over the past few years (estimated at 4593 million users by the end of 2016) has made online business growing in Indonesia and India.

7 Online Business Models or Make Money Online

E-Commerce, Marketplace, Online Travel and much more keep popping up. Names such as Lazada, Bhinneka, Tokopedia, BukaLapak, Traveloka and others become increasingly known to people who are more technologically literate.

But the online business opportunity is not just closed to elephant companies who have almost unlimited capital like them. Online business opportunities are also open to small players like all of us. Many individuals and small businesses with limited capital are also jumping in and are beginning to feel the joy of doing business online.

Online business is so vast, there is so much variety, there are so many opportunities that you can plunge.  You just choose the one that suits you. What is certain is that it is not too late to start now, especially in Indonesia.
The questions that are very often asked to me from those who still lay are:

What is an online business like? There are many kinds of those?

Actually how to make money from online business?

How to start how?

Well in this article, I want to explain first what are all kinds of online business and how to make money from each online business model.

After I categorise and sort out from so many kinds of online business, in fact, there are only 7 (seven) online business model or 7 ways to make money from online business. I will explain everything in this article.

Knowing the various online business models will help you to choose which one is suitable for you. Because I always believed that no one business suited everyone. You need to find out what suits you and what you want to work on.

Business Startup

One thing I want to straighten out first is that I did not enter the Startup Business into any of the 7 business models I discuss here.

Startup Business is a business built from scratch, usually from an investor fund where the money-making strategy is often unclear or unknown, for example: Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Whatsapp etc.

The way they build and make money is very different. I will discuss what is a startup business in another article only ( sign up to BBI Club to be able to email notification when there is a recent article).

Ok, we just discuss each of the following online business models.

# 1: Online Shop / Sell Physical Products

I'm pretty sure that this is the most familiar online business model you know and know. And maybe most of you have been shopping online. Probably from big E-Commerce like Lazada, Bhinneka etc or from Marketplace like Tokopedia, Open ETC etc or maybe from small websites, from Facebook, BBM etc.

So when you jump into this business, you need to determine what product you want to sell, where to buy goods (kulak) with cheaper price and then sell it to another place (do not sell at wholesale place you he .. he ..) with the price higher. Take the profit margin, so trade pure🙂

Well, of course, there is a special strategy that needs to be done so you do not have to compete with big E-Commerce players, I have made 3 series video (FREE) about Online Store Strategy with Small Capital but Big Profit in our website MTO.

# 2: Service Provider / Selling Services & Expertise

If that was selling the existing physical products, well you can also jump into the online business by selling services, such as Traveloka Travel, Agoda is actually selling ticket and hotel booking services.

But it does not have to be a company that big for selling services. You can also sell your services and expertise. Suppose you have been serving the website design services, well you can clearly sell the service online.

Or you own a business of printing services, book translator services, stamp making services, programming or other services, it can all be sold online.

Many people in Indonesia that I know, also sell services through outsourcing websites abroad such as,,, and much more other websites. Can be income dollar, steady🙂

Want to be developed big too, you build a team here (salary pay rupiah) in order to handle more jobs, but can be income dollar. Much like that in Indonesia who do like this.

# 3: Information Business / Selling Information & Knowledge

The term if you jump into this business is so Infopreneur (Information Entrepreneur) he .. he .. This is my favourite business model because I really like to learn and love to teach 🙂

So if you are good at a field or have the knowledge and information that many people need, you can get into this business model.

Book authors, public speakers, trainers, coaches, consultants and the like actually enter this business information model. But you do not have to be a writer of books, speakers or trainers to get into this information business.

Many people actually want to introspect, there is a good or understand a lot in something and if there are others who feel it valuable, then actually the information/knowledge / experience can be sold.

You can sell your knowledge, information and experiences through various media. Can be an ebook, Audio CD, DVD, online course, webinar, live workshop or coaching / consulting services.

I have various income streams in this business model. And because many want to jump into this business but do not understand how then I plan to make a video series about this business model.

Actually in Indonesia, many people Jago / expert, but still a few who understand how to make it into an information business that can be sold online.

Just make sure you sign up to BBI Club to be able to email notifications when this Free series video I publish.

# 4: Affiliate Marketing / Sell Other People's Products Commissions

It is also one of my favourite online business models and many people 🙂

In essence, if the previous business model, you can monetize from selling products, services or information then this affiliate marketing business model you can earn money from commissions proceeds to sell products and services of others.

I will not explain at length here because I've written and explained at length in three articles about Affiliate Marketing are:

What is Affiliate Marketing?
17 Advantages of Affiliate Marketing
3 Disadvantages of Affiliate Marketing
# 5: Tools & System / Sell Systems and Tools

If you know a mining business, such as a coal mine or a gold mine, there are many tools/tools needed to do the mining process. There are some friends I know in the area of Borneo there, who became rich from providing (selling or renting) tools to mining companies.

Similarly, in the online business industry, often you will need tools, software or tools to make your work faster and not spend time.

Well there are quite a lot of people who succeed by making and selling tools/tools, software and other support services such as:

Website Themes so that others can easily create a good and professional website.
Website Plugins, Add-Ons etc. where you make it for customer use to improve the features & sophistication of their website.
Web Based System & Software where suppose you make administration software or SEO software or anything where your customer pay once or pay monthly to be able to use this software/system.
# 6: Advertising / Selling Ads

This business model is ad-based, I think is also included that you often know and see. So you create a website so many people visit, then sell ads to companies or other interested people. news portal, KapanLagi, Yahoo, Kaskus and much more, it's all a business that uses advertising business model to make money.

Do not have to be a big company used to be able to make money from advertising. You can create a blog on a popular topic, such as entertainment, culinary, photography or the like.

Make a lot of visitors (of course there are many strategies) and after every day your blog is visited by thousands of visitors, you can start earning income from Advertising, cooperation with Google by installing Google Adsense on your blog.

# 7: Mobile Apps on Apple IOS or Android

Well, this is a very trendy business model that is for apps on smartphones, especially in Apple IOS (iPhone based) or on Android. Many people in Indo are good at mobile apps.

You can create your own app or pay for people to make it, in the categories of Games (most popular), Tools & Utilities, Productivity, Photo & Video Editing and many other application categories.

How to make money there are two that is selling the application or the application is free but there are ads (can also, pay to remove ads in the application).

Summary and Video FREE
Ok so that is 7 online business model or 7 ways to make money from online business, I short usually become OSIATAM namely:

Online Shop / Sell Physical Products.
Service Provider / Selling Services & Expertise
Information Business / Selling Information & Knowledge
Affiliate Marketing / Selling Other Products Can Commission
Tools & System / Sell Tools & System / Software
Advertising / Selling Ads
Mobile Apps / Mobile Apps
Hopefully, this sharing is useful for you and wish you success in your online business of choice.

Great Success for You, 

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