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Easiest Ways To Get a Job in Google Inc Instantly
Google is one of the largest IT companies in the world, Google has a lot of projects that are well-used and even used to help the lives of the world community. Lots of people want to apply to become Google employees, but to work on Google is not easy, Google has some criteria, and usually, […]
Google is one of the largest IT companies in the world, Google has a lot of projects that are well-used and even used to help the lives of the world community.

Lots of people want to apply to become Google employees, but to work on Google is not easy, Google has some criteria, and usually, they are looking for an above average ability. Google employs only 4,000 people out of 2.5 million applicants each year.

It's no secret if today many people really crave work in large companies like in Google. Google is a global giant company of the world does offer many facilities and attractive services for its employees. From free food and beverages, exciting leave, as well as a host of other highly indulgent amenities and of course a fantastic salary.

But to be able to work or internship at the company founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin is not easy. Strict selection in a series of tests and interviews that ultimately make not everyone can be selected for internship or work in #Google. So what does Google's recruitment process do? Here's the review.

Your Achievement You Wanted

For an internship or work at Google, you should look for vacancies and apply for them online. In this online recruitment itself, Google will provide a form for you to fill out with the full identity, experience, education, and achievements you've ever carved. If you really have a good accomplishment and qualified, then Google will usually contact you via email. You will be invited to undergo a series of interviews and tests.

If you are a person who is studying in IT, and hope someday want to work in Google, then maybe the following skills you can learn, do not need all, just one or two only but you understand deeply, then it is better of course. Google's HR team has released a list of skills they want to see from an engineer, let's take a look.

1. Programming

Google wants every employee they can write program code. At least one object-oriented programming language such as C ++, Java or Phython. You can learn from MIT OpenCourceWare or other online learning sites.

2. Testing

Conducting testing or testing of the created program is as important as creating the program itself. Google wants their engineers to detect bugs, create debugging tests and look for loopholes from the software they create.

3. Mathematics

Computers if in English means computer, compute if interpreted means to count, computer means calculating machine, so the computer is very closely hubugannya with mathematics. Google wants its employees to understand abstract mathematics such as logic and discrete mathematics.

4. Algorithm and Data Structure

Understanding the basics of data types like stacks, queues or bags and understanding sorting algorithms like quicksort, merge sort or heapsort is important according to google.

5. Operating System

Google wants candidates who understand the computer operating system well, because most of the work on google using a computer so of course the ability and knowledge of the operating system he really need.

6. AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Google loves to build AI products or artificial intelligence. Google office is full of robots, they have many engines that can work automatically. So if you want to work in google then there is no harm you learn about artificial intelligence / Artificial Intelligence and the ropes.

7. Cryptography

Cryptography / cryptography is certainly also needed to work on google, because google is very fond of cyber security world, they have many products online and of course they want all be in good security. So if you understand cryptography would be a potential candidate for google.

8. Parallel Programming

Maybe this term is rarely heard, even though we are in the IT environment. The concept you have to be able to do some calculations at the same time, and this is quite preferred google.

9. Create Compilers

Google understands that programs written for human understanding must be systematically translated or translated to a low-level assembly language that the machine eventually understands. Understanding how to make the compiler would be a huge added value in the eyes of google.

10. Other Programming Languages

Google will certainly like you if you are able to master more than one programming language, there are so many programming languages today, and it seems that Google uses almost entirely for different interests so it would not hurt you to learn other programming languages other than those you mastered You can learn Javascript, Ruby, HTML5 and so on.

Interview Process

When you receive the Google invitation you will undergo a series of tests and interviews. This is where you will get some unique things in it. As in the interview process. The interview stage itself is generally there are two of the first phase by phone and second interview directly.

In the first stage of the interview conducted by Google through this phone, you will get some technical questions that of course drain the brain. If you get away from this first-stage interview you will be contacted Google again via email for a second-stage interview directly. For this second stage, the interview will, of course, be more difficult because it will involve several teams from Google.

This live interview will generally take place with about 5 different teams. Unlike a telephone interview, the question on this live interview is no longer about technical stuff.

Unique Questions

In this live interview on Google, you will get unique things that are different from interviews in the company in general. These unique things will especially be found in questions asked by Google's recruitment team.

So you should be prepared with this. Some unique questions that you can meet and get in the process of interviewing on Google like how much the tariff should be for cleaning up all the windows in Seattle City? How many golf balls can fit into one school bus? How do you explain what a database is in 3 sentences, to an 8 year old child? and so forth.

These unique questions are deliberately thrown by Google to get creative and productive people while working at Google later.

Live the Orientation Period 

After the employees get away from all the tests and interviews, they will undergo an orientation period of 1.5 weeks. During the orientation period, they were taught about how Google's data center, corporate mission, and how it works at Google.

During this orientation, they will also meet the Googlers. For apprentices, they will then be involved in tasks directly related to Google products. Essentially every apprentice at Google will be given a special project that needs to be completed.

Facilities and Job Benefits at Google

As mentioned earlier that this internship or work at Google is great fun. For employees living outside the city or abroad, Google provides residences and dormitories located not far from the Googleplex. In addition, Google also provides a shuttle bus to shuttle his karyawnnya.

And one more thing is certainly the most dreamed of a high salary. The salary in Google itself has a value greater than the salary of most permanent employees in other companies. According to some sources, the average income of apprentice employees at Google is $ 5,678 per month or 68,136 dollars per year. Interested?

Hopefully, the list above can inspire you who want to study in the IT world and then continue your career by working at Google, there are many other types of work that actually needed Google, which we write above only partly, especially for IT field only. Other fields you can search google career page.

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