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Secret Reasons Behind as Companies Choose Freelancers Compared Agencies
As far my 8 years in freelancing working world, I have seen lots of things and a few of them, I want to share with you. Whether looking for a side income or wanting to start building work experience, being a freelancer is an exciting thing to try. For a freelancer, there may be concerns […]
As far my 8 years in freelancing working world, I have seen lots of things and a few of them, I want to share with you. Whether looking for a side income or wanting to start building work experience, being a freelancer is an exciting thing to try. For a freelancer, there may be concerns that they will lose competitiveness with a larger agency. Are you the one who thinks so? Make no mistake. Some clients instead choose freelancers to hire their projects rather than pay for specific agencies. How can? Here's the explanation why companies prefer freelancers over agencies:

Secret Reasons Behind as Companies Choose Freelancers

Prices are pegged Freelancer Cheaper

Are you a freelancer beginner? Do not be afraid, this would be a plus for you. The client will choose to pay a freelancer that is much cheaper than paying the agency, for the same result. For those beginner freelancers who do not have work experience and testimonials, of course, the price you offer is cheaper, right? Assure the client that you can also produce the same job as the agency. Although what you get is not much, but a positive first impression is also important, Make the maximum work that can make the client hire you back in the future.

Freelancer More Efficient

Suppose there is a client who wants to create a website. It may take up to several months for the website to be perfect with the help of the agency. Whereas if he hired a freelancer, it could be making the website only takes a few weeks. In the agency, of course, the client must wait for his turn until the project is done so that takes a longer time. Not to mention if there are shortcomings or less suitable results. Meanwhile, if the freelancer is working, the client can request, complain, or give feedback at any time without having to wait for the turn so that the revision of the website can be quickly completed.

Freelancer More Flexible

You could say because freelancers only work on one person at a certain time, then the communication is more flexible and smooth. Suppose you are a freelancer who is working on project A from client A, then you should also be prepared whenever client A contacts you, as the freelancer does not set a patent working hour. Unlike the case with the agency. The agency is tied to working hours so that is where freelancers are superior. In addition, it is possible that he will ask for customization of work on the project that is currently being done. If you can make the client satisfied, then this can be a positive testimonial for you, right?

More Current Communication

The bigger the agency, the more busy and much work to handle so that communication with each client can also experience delays. Unlike the case, if the client works with a freelancer who is just one person. Communication between the two will also run smoothly because the freelancer will not rule out the order he received. This is because he also needs positive feedback from clients. In other words, freelancers will always be there to listen to client feedback and complaints.

Less Interested Agency with Small Jobs

For an agency that already has a name, they will think twice about receiving orders that do not give them income. Clients with a limited budget will prefer you as a freelancer to get things done that the agency says are trivial. Well, here you are ahead again, is not it? And of course, for a freelancer, this is an opportunity to try your best to show maximum performance. Although the work is trivial, the more you finish will also add to the experience.

Being a  freelancer has now been facilitated by technological developments. Software as a Service is one example of a system that can be easily used by freelancers in running business activities. For example, Sleek Accounting, the use of Sleek Accounting with a very affordable price and complete features can help freelancers to have a better business activity. Not only that, you can start a business as an accountant or book-keeper freelancer with the help of Sleek Accounting.

Well, still pessimistic with your profession as a freelancer? No need anymore because some of the points above show that you have more value that makes the client choose freelancers than the existing agency. Include a profile that can convince the client. Initially, your work will probably be priced cheaper, but over time, your skills and experience will also increase and you can set a more appropriate tariff.

Jobs as a freelancer is now increasingly popular and loved by many people. Although the number of freelance workers is still not so much, the prospect is quite promising. You who have not experienced can do this world as a side job or main job.

Thanks to the support of advanced technology that is increasingly easy to reach, freelance worker stretching even more advanced.

In order not to miss the work to be done, you can record the schedule and make a reminder or alarm on HP. Thus, later on you only need to observe the schedule and finish the work in accordance with the deadline schedule.

Nothing Important Ideas

Because the idea can come from anywhere and anytime, then do not forget to take HP wherever you go. When you start getting fresh ideas, immediately write the idea on HP. Later when you have free time, you can access the notes and start developing ideas into new things. This simple thing is very useful and can make the completion of the job so much easier.

Creating and Accessing Social Media

A freelance worker needs a wide network in order to get a job and build a reputation. To fulfil this, creating and accessing social media on a regular basis is one of the solutions. You can load a variety of work portfolios on social media. So prospective clients and social media users can assess your work. Not impossible if you get a new job offer if you are always active in social media.

Facilities for Learning New Things

Learning new things from the internet can be done by using sophisticated HP. Fill in your free time by accessing marketplace sites for freelancers, finding job referrals, and establishing new relationships with professionals. Gradually this will make your knowledge grow and support you become a more competent freelancer.

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