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Virtualization software enables you to apply more than one operating system with only one PC window. Thanks to the Virtual Machine Software, it is absolutely impossible for you to run a big combination of operating systems from Chrome to Linux and so forth.This article is a list of VM solutions. Each of them offers unique […]
Virtualization software enables you to apply more than one operating system with only one PC window. Thanks to the Virtual Machine Software, it is absolutely impossible for you to run a big combination of operating systems from Chrome to Linux and so forth.
This article is a list of VM solutions. Each of them offers unique utility for the best compatibility of your business.

VMware Workstation

Through over 20 years of existence, the VMware Workstation keeps staying in a good position in the market. And all the time, people choose it as the standard of IT industry which never stops changing. The VMware Workstation always satisfies users with its wide range of applications matching up-to-date needs of virtualization.

In the VMware Workstation, it is the support of DirectX 10 along with OpenGL 3.3, both of them allow you to apply the advancement of the 3D. Moreover, the image elimination and video degradation are other two outstanding features of the program to run application of the graphics intensiveness. They are the key elements giving the software extra points in comparison with rivals who also provides the ability of creating and running VMs.
Besides helping users to set up a lot of rollback points thanks to snapshots, the VMware also makes it possible to deploy a wide range of instance in the same VM by a cloning system. These advantages bring you two options. One is a fully-isolated duplicate. The other is a link among clones which can save much space in the hardware parts. With the VMware Workstation, you have two versions to choose from, namely, Workstation Player and Workstation Pro.

VMware Fusion

Basing on the same story creating the VMware Workstation, the VMware Fusion offers users experience which is not much different. And the Mac platform is potential to apply such virtualization.
In fact, the VMware is the software mainly for the personal usage and no free is in need for the basic version. However, the VMware Fusion is not the same thing. As for the Pro version, customers have to make the payment with the purpose of businesses. Then, all advanced features will be set up.
With the VMware Fusion, it is possible for you to find out some features which are available for Mac system. They include the 5K iMac displays, the retina as well as non-retina configured mixtures. Additionally, the Unity Mode which performs the functionality of hiding the Windows desktop interface is also ready in the VMware Fusion. Furthermore, it enables users to launch and operate applications of the Windows in the Dock. But, such part requires the app to connect to the macOS.
It does not matter the VMware Fusion versions that you applied are free or paid since both of them bring you features to run the Windows from the Boot Camp. In such case, your Windows is considered as the guest VM sections.

Oracle VM VirtualBox

First launched in 2007, the Oracle VM VirtualBox provides the hypervisor which is suitable for both personal and business usage. And it operates under the GPLv2 license.
To satisfy a wide range of users, the VirtualBox provides guest operating systems with a lot of features of all versions. They are from XP to 10 Windows, or the Windows NT and the Server 2003 as well. The software enables users to work with the VMs in the Linux 2.4. Or even with the Solaris and OpenSolaris or the OpenBSD, there is no problem. Especially, thanks to the Oracle VM VirtualBox, you entirely can look back to the age of the OS/2 along with the DOS/Windows 3.1 where all purposes and old-fashion games such as Wasteland and Pool of Radiance are available at present.
In spite of only working with the Mac operating system, the Oracle VM  VirtualBox virtualization software can connect the macOS in VM. It is because of the fact that the brand Apple never let operating systems of their own to apply the hardware from other providers. It is a case for the standard installation for the macOS and then users of the Oracle VM VirtualBox pick the solution with the VM.
VirtualBox supports the ability to run multiple guest windows simultaneously and also provides a level of portability where a VM created on one host can be easily transferred to another that may have a completely different operating system.

Parallels Desktop

For Mac lovers, it is not that they never need to run their work in the Windows. But, how could it be when they have that need? The answer is the Parallels Desktop which allows users to apply with both Mac and Windows.
Basing on the very first usage with the Windows, it does not matter you apply to design, develop, set the gameplay or whatever, Parallels, all the time, performs the functionality of optimizing resources of the system and the hardware as well. Hence, thanks to the Parallels Desktop, you always get perfect IT experience on PC.
Like most of the products belonging to the VM, the Parallels Desktop gives its users a lot of features in their expectation. For more detailed with the Mac, it is possible for you to open webs in Internet Explorer or even Edge from the Window display which is in connection with the Mac Notification Center. Besides, files in process will be quickly moved within operating systems. Because of sharing in both macOS and Windows, the Parallels Desktop is available for the cloud storage as well.


If you are a fan of Linux, you definitely know about the QEMU which is regarded as the hypervisor. The product has got a lot of attention from IT lovers because of no price tag in need and the simple usage of the emulation tool. Especially, the emulator of the open source provided by the QEMU impresses a wide range of peripherals which take advantage of the special translation. All of these things make the QEMU an ideal tool.
Along with applying the QEMU, you can combine the KVM virtualization software. Do you understand such suggestion? The combination of two will show essential performance. You, for sure, will feel like the native level with the right hardware and do not remember that your device is on the VM.

Moreover, the administration is a requirement which is only in need for some cases. An example is when you want to access a USB within the VM. So, the QEMU is a rare type of software which adds the pliability with the way of using. In spite of the fact that most of the users apply the QEMU in the Linux section, they can build it in both macOS and Windows well.

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