Why Does Very Few dark web links work Smoothly ?

Normally Techie people ask –

Why Do Very Few dark web links work Smoothly?

even, someone says

Why don’t half of the dark web links work?

Good question. The best answer for this is mainly for 3 reasons. First, some of those websites are scams and may have been shut done by either the scammer who’s moved on to bigger and better scams. Second, it can be the so-called Alphabet Boys known as the FBI who may have shut it down due to illegal activities. Thirdly and probably the biggest reason of all, is because most of these websites change their web links from time to time to avoid detection from law enforcement and hackers who try to constantly infiltrate them. That is another reason why you should proceed with caution when entering the Deep Web. Make sure you’re anonymous and secure when visiting the Deep Web and all it’s contents. Hope that answers your question and be safe!. Most of the .onion links you click, result in connection error as most of them are taken down. Now the question is why they are taken down.

Recently, one of my client’s request, I have visited  THE DARK WEB LINKS and found a good list which works perfectly

Actually the dark web is what the surface net looked like 20 years ago. The sites which don’t actively work to circumvent laws (oppressive or totally sensible) tend to lack any sort of function at all. A single word on a blank page. A stupid gif with autoplaying sound. These sites don’t even serve the purpose of domain squatting, as most onion URLs intentionally defy memorability. Mostly, pages are half-finished, abandoned, or pointless, featuring a single word or gif.

When you go to any Directory like HiddenWiki or UnderDir, you are most likely to run into these onion links and most of these links are taken down. Because Tor (the software that allows communication with .onion sites) bounces requests between a slew of nodes to make data requests harder to trace, every user action takes an eternity. Pages hang and gifs load at a very slow speed. Video streaming is not possible and red rooms are fake. If your internet connection is already slow, pages will never load. I assume that you had tried some of the links found in the clearnet (from any blogs or Deep Onion Links sites) to the Tor Network.

Onion sites are highly unstable (now, the scenario is changing). Some of the reasons can be tracked as following:

>>Earlier, most of the Onions were hosted on personal machines and will only be available when they are powered on.

>> Onion hosting services were very few (again, this scenario is changing) like Daniel Hosting or RiseUp. Many of the other providers does not support Onion Hosting due to the legalities in their countries (Russia has a strict law against running exit node). But now, as Internet is more decentralized, many companies are coming forward in support of Onion Hosting.

>>Most notable Marketplaces like Hansa & TradeRoute or chat rooms lile Tabooless Chat are knocked off by Europol.

>> Large number of onion sites would move to other domains (due to the unstable service or legal clashes with hosters), hence new domain would not be known for the visitors.

If you found a bunch of onions from any blog, it would be hard to assume them working due to these issues.

In order to keep track of the new links, subscribe to Tor’s Reddit channel (or discord if any), where users post working links, after testing. If you lack the knowledge to find them yourself, you obviously lack the knowledge to keep yourself safe once you get there. For that reason or your own safety I am not telling you. Once you open Pandora’s box there is no going back.

Google, Bing, as long as you know that you could be being watched by the government. I would not personally look it up on those search engines. But, it’s your choice.